?? starpoint??
9000points:rocking horse
8500points:garden gnome
8000points:owl statue
7500points :Asymmetric Bookshelf 
7000 Points: UFO lamp
6500 points: Gumball Machine, Mosaic Stair
6000 points: Vacuum Cleaner, Candy Bowl, 2 Hair
5500 points: 2 Vacuum Cleaner, 2 Hair
5000 points: Crystal Cave
4500 points: Unicorn Unicorn Wings
4000 points: Enchanted Forest, Hair
3500 points: Flying Elephant, Hair 
3000 points: Greek Temple, Purple Fairy
2500 points: Dragonfly, Fish Pond! 
2000 points: Dance Studio, Hair 
1750 points: Round the Clock Window, Hair 
1500 points: Butterflies 
1250 points: Stars, Hair 
1000 points: Blue Fair,Pier
900 points: Night view, Rainbow, Sun, Hair 
800 points: Bubbles, Color Dots, Hearts, Hair
700 points: Balcony Doors, Seaview, Cloud, Green Fairy
600 points: Bed, Waterfall, Shell, Hair
500 points: Mouse, Pitcher, Flower Pillow, Yellow 
400 points: Classic Clock, Shelf Wall flowers, Hair
300 points: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink Clock 
200 points: Dog Painting, Golden Frame, Red Carpet, Hair
100 points: Plant Chair, Table, Starpoint Painting

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So you can see ... the stardpoint hair is a look a like!

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