Stardoll Thousckha.

Why This Name?

Because i love stardoll and this site is only about stardoll ...
And my name on stardoll is thousckha ...
Thats why i chose this name.

How long have you stardoll?

I have not very long stardoll.
I've since 2008-11-27.
I realy like stardoll!
And i'm often online.

Have you many starpoints?

I think so ...
It depends what you call a lot.
Now i have 2709 but it changed everyday.

Have you many LE?

Again its depends wat you call a lot Hihi
Now i've 12 things.
Not  much ...
I like the clothes very very much!
I love LE!!
But its not cheap.
I spend all my money on LE!
But the problem is: I don't have a lot of money!
The time that i had the most money i had 579 stardollars.
Thats about 3 dresses. Not more :(

Have you a lot friends on stardoll?

Funny that you ask me that!
A few weeks ago i have participated on a topic from a club.
What you had to do was very simple.
You had to add many friends.
People whit the most friends winning!
Now i have 14 pages friends ...

Why did you become a member on stardoll?

Once i loved a lot of dress-up games.
And then i found
I had make a account.
But i don't had a suite.
That was come later.
Once was stardoll only about dress-up dolls etc.
So I've actually been much longer stardoll.
I had been a while not sitting on stardoll.
Because i didn't know my pass ... xD
Then i saw an advertisement about stardoll on another site. 
In that ad was: Fame, Fashion and Friends click here and create an account!
So I've clicked on it.
And i comed on stardoll!
Then i've maked the account:
Again i had been a while not sitting on stardoll.
But then ...
I was coming on a new school.
The girls there were very nice!

We were once in the break. (on school)
All together.
When asked Anjuly, Anouk and Marleen (3 girls in mij class) of i haved stardoll.
I thought, 'Huh they know that?!'
We all had a lot on stardoll played.
But two of us (Anouk, Marleen) started to be bored on stardoll.
They found it less fun.
Anouk is sometimes online.
Marleen not.
The first time that i have stardoll there was no suite etc.

Hii! And welcome to